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At the beginning of predicting next year, european Shen Gen visa is about to welcome new change, name广州金城桑拿石牌全套ly the visa policy of European Shen Gen each country will be uniform carry out. Although execute the exact time of new regulation,still remain Guan Xuan, but according to this before forecast, new policy of European Shen Gen visa may be in month of next year just a l番禺泰豪水疗会番禺水疗全套哪里好ittle is carried out, and the Spring Festival holiday that is China fitly right now and winter vacation, after that spring will enter the peak period that goes to European travel again. The tourist that travels toward Europe before next year in a planned广州御龙池部长微信海城休闲会馆特服 way can get probably the influence of policy of Xin Shengen visa. Specific for can have what effect, how should plan visa matters concerned ahead of schedule again?

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Reform of European Shen Gen visa brews long already

Or execute at the beginning of next year

Be in early last year March, take the lead the newest reform plan that the European Union committee that draft already announced Shen Gen visa, and this year in Feburary, after plan enters legislative order, the reform of Shen Gen visa is obtained in European Union board batch. Be in then this year April, european parliament passed Shen Gen visa to reform scheme at voting. This year on June 6, european Union board adopted the reform plan of Shen Gen visa formally, announce new Shen Gen visa reforms plan general to be carried out after 6 months.

According to this schedule, 2020 1~2 month is controlled, european Shen Gen visa will be carried out with new reform plan. Although carry out date formally to had been not announced, but at present countries of many European Shen Gen visa also been preparinging relevant matters concerned. To the tourist, the change of European Shen Gen visa can affect the visa that goes to European travel apply for directly, to this, many tourism bureaus also express Europe to pay close attention to closely. Respect of bureau of German country tourism expresses, meeting and the consulate branch that are in charge of visa are contacted cheek by jowl, shen Gen visa of close attention Europe changes to be affected to what the tourist brings.

Is Shen Gen visa great what point to reform to need to notice?

Plan a tourist to Europe swims for, what want to know most is Shen Gen visa the content that these new reform measure have what need to notice after all, change than what having with past photograph, can you be opposite again what influence does the application of European Shen Gen visa bring? Delimit f广州红洋皇宫水疗红牌广州海上皇宫泰国菜or everybody now first key.

New change 1: Can shift to a广州齐富路阿信会所n earlier date visa of half an year

Influence: Go to the lavatory to make a plan earlier

Current, european Shen Gen visa is to be in those who give before travel 3 months to just can begin to do visa, do visa early to a few hopes, for the tourist that buys airline ticket again, new European Shen Gen visa reforms plan to set, can begin application to the front of half an year ahead of schedule, this meeting makes more person OK deal with visa leisurely, it is a good news.

New change 2: Shen Gen each country unites long-term visa

Influence: The person hopeful that ever applied for for many times has visa of more lasting effect

Have apply for Shen Gen for many times the person of visa knows, can take term of validity how long Shen Gen visa, still want ” see character ” . In fact, at present each Home Shen Genguo homes are ” each does things in his own way ” , whether to extend for many times namely visa, extend of嘉禾望岗英皇水疗会所嘉禾望岗附近按摩保健 how long for many times visa is every country write one’s own ticket. After reform, shen Gen visa will unite entry visa period of efficacy for many times, the shortest for 1 year, can increase by degrees along with applicant application frequency ever since fixed number of year, but the longest must not exceed 5 years. A good news is for the tourist that this travels to liking to go to Europe, can hold the visa with longer period of efficacy to head for Europe to travel, visa is in hand, once encounter cheap airline ticket to also can do it i岗顶总统大酒店情景房191技师nstantly, do not need to consider vise whether the issue that there’s still time handles.

But, below what circumstance can you take, be 2 years even 5 years for many times Shen Gen visa? Above all, if once was inside two years before application, had applied for visa 3 times, and had been to Europe, so when applying for again, can unite obtain a year for many times visa, also have the person with a few nicer data of course, europe was not had been to 3 times before even if, just have been to, also may obtain a year for many times visa. After new policy is carried out, if江泰路金日桑拿飞机 was satisfied in the past two years to use one year for many times visa, if once was taken,perhaps arrive two years for many times visa, and this visa was used inside 3 years, can obtain 5 years according to policy so for many times visa. Of course, these are the regulations on policy, specific those who take is much teenager for many times visa, still come by visa official decision of examine and verify.

New change 3: Get on implementation net online ap广州海之洲部长联系长城酒店画廊和花园plication

Influence: Obtain visa more convenient

These a few years广州东圃御豪水汇技师广州东圃御豪国际水会, rolling out channel of online application visa is the consensus of many countries, european 华威达酒店金城桑拿广州金城桑拿技师体验Shen Gen visa is not exceptional also, advancing application process electron to change respect do one’s best. After reform, the applicant may fill in on the net, refer, sign application form, but the foundation is current the regulation of European Shen Gen visa, the person that applies for for the first time or need reach visa center or get a house to type dactylogram, this working procedure henceforth also cannot be avoid.

New change 4: Adult certificate fee increases children halve

Influence: If can take visa to meet more be to one’s profit

After reform, the expenses of European Shen Gen visa will rise to 80 euro from 60 euro. Attention, this is the visa charge of collection of diplomatic and consular missions only, if be in visa center to deal with visa, visa center serves cost or should hand in, that is to say, the expenditure of European Shen Gen visa will be more. But it is good to have an interest among them, the 6 children certificate fee that arrive 12 years车陂金沙沐足有飞机吗金城桑拿中心车陂店 old are 40 euro, 6 years old of the following children are free. Accordingly, if can obtain visa for many times, even if certificate fee increased to also be met more be to one’s profit, and the domestic visitor that is leading the child also is met in visa charge respect than before more be economical.

Raise action:

No matter new politics old politics these visa doubt need witting

No matter be policy of current Shen Gen visa, still be the new policy that is about to implement, in application material and flow respect, new politics and old politics change without what, the doubt that a few often appear in applying for a process needs to clear up.

Doubt 1: One secondary is many more itinerary European country, so how does embassy of country sending a label choose?

A lot of moment, everybody will be one-time the many countries couplet that goes to Europe swims. So, which country should Shen Gen visa send application? Below normal circumstance, the country that need sends a label keeps farthest Shen Genguo this in the journey namely. If many Shen Gengu广州粤明人力资源有限公司广州粤明休闲126号技师o retention period are same, with most Home Shen Genguo that enters a country first is given priority to.

Doubt 2: App金龙湾技师微信号金龙湾和水长流哪个好ly for Shen Gen visa, is the application material of different country same?

When applying for Shen Gen visa, the visa data requirement of different country may have different, even if 客村足道乐198客村zdlis黄村鼎福一条龙东圃桑拿 same a country, because get an area to delimit cent differs, material asks to also may differ. So, when application, want to prepare visa according to the requirement of every country diplomatic and consular missions. Generally speaking, the current data that Shen Gen visa should prepare has the foll广州汇都水疗有全套汇都国际水疗有全套吗owing kinds: Passport original and passport beard offer the photocopy that all visa record; 2 inches of photographs 2 pieces; In application national consulate website carries visa application fo乐品汇休闲会所999 乐品汇休闲会所体验rm up and down and fill in; On-the-job悦海洲国际水会扫黄悦海洲国际水会 头牌 proof (issue by working unit include applicant full name, post, wage, the proof of information waits in foreign travel time, build official seal. Be in unit business charter or organize code carbon photocopy and build official seal) ; Individual economy proves (salary, without frozen deposit proves, or house property card, car is bought etc, original and interpreter) ; Identification, be like booklet of registered residence, Id, original, photocopy, if carry minor to go out,go, still need to will be born card is notarial, some countries (like France) still ask to be born card double attestation; Viatic plan: Must have sat detailed viatic plan, and ensure viatic plan is true and sound, must not download the journey of others on the net casually, may give a plan to have discrepancy with his, bring about visa official宏涛宫还开吗黄岐哪里的桑拿会所 to think the data is truthless be signed by refus.